Nizamabad one of the major urban centre in Telangana region located at longitude of 78o6’E and latitude of 18o40’30”N. Nizamabad has named after Asif Jahi Nizam, the fourth Nizam of Hyderabad state. The town is situated on banks of PhullongRiver which not only supplies the water to the city but also caters the agricultural and industrial needs of the town as well as district.

The Municipality was constituted in the year 1931 and upgraded as special grade Municipality n the year 1987 the town has an area of 30Sq. Mts. With a population of 2.86 Lakhs as per 2001 Census. The town has an area of 36.00Sq.Kms with a population density of 9533 persons per square kilometer. The Nizamabad Municipality upgraded as Nizamabad Municipal Corporation on 5th March 2005 vide GONo: 109.

The town is well connected to by rail and road network. NH16 starts from this town. Literacy rate  1991 in the town is 59.57%. The present  water supply is 47.451MLD.  Total length of road network in Corporation is 460kms in which 120Kms is Kutcha Roads. No.of street lights required in 25slums included in this project is 119 where as presently the total street lights in the Corporation are 6529 Nos. Corporation has total of 267Kms length of drains in which 225 Kms are pucca drains and 27Kms kutcha drains. Nizamabad Municipal Corporation presently has a total 75number of slums with a total population 1,40,252.



As the Nizamabad town is the district headquarters of the District and the population in Nizamabad town has grown rapidly because of rise in commercial educational center and is one of the major cities in the Telangana Region. Even though the city spreads over and area of 36Sq.Kmts., most of the population is concetated in the heart of the city thus leading to the many administrative and infrastructure problems in the town. The population of areas given an indication of overall dimensions of physical environment and supplies basic-“Yard-Stick” for estimation of space and infrastructures needs. The decade wise population of the town from 1971 with projected population by incremental methods.


Solid Waste Management:

Corporation does not have any compost yard for dumping of garbage and at present is being dumped at Siripur village near Sarangapoor Temple due to which the temple authorities are objected to dump the garbage at this place as the District Collector, Nizamabad is going to be allot the said land to NGO’s (Government Employees) for house sites purpose, that’s why the District Collector have been instructed to dump the garbage at Kanjar village near Nizamabad town. But the residents of KanjarVillage are objected to dump the garbage and staged a Dharna and Agitation.




Year of establishment 1937


Extent (in sq. kms.) 40.00 Sq.Kms


Population as per 2001 census 288922


 Population as per 2011 census 310467


Male population 2001 census


 Population as per 2011 census 310467


Female population 2001


Female populationas per 2011 census 155304


Projected population as on date (year to be specified) 388083


Total Income per annum during 2010-2011 (rupees in crores)


Total Expenditure per annum during 2010-2011 (rupees in crores)